Black Hole

Black Hole,  is a romantic comedy in black and white which will be shot in Quito, Ecuador, in August 2016. AGUJERO NEGRO tells the story about VÍCTOR (Víctor Aráuz), a 30-year-old writer who enters a crisis when faced with the challenges of imminent fatherhood with his long-time girlfriend MARCELA (Daniela Roepke). The prospect of life centering on something else than the Grand Novel he has been nursing for the past five years after being named one of the 25 Best Kept Secret of New Latin American Literature at the International Book Fair of Guadalajara, scares him to death. He feels like an alien in his new neighborhood, a gated community in the suburbs where his mother-in-law TIKKI (Cristina Morrison) lends them an apartment. Soon, he develops a crush on VALENTINA (Marla Garzón), the bright, rebellious 15-year-old girl who lives next door with her father ALEJO (Aejandro Fajardo) and his wife AMAIA (Anahi Hoeneisen), and Víctor spirals into a second adolescence which puts both his relationship and fatherhood at risk.

Genre: dark comedy
Length : 90 mins. color
Year : 2017
Language : spanish
Produced by
Luna Film | Viewfinder SRL
Countries: Ecuador | Dominican Republic

Distribution: M-appeal

With the support of
Banco BHD

Director: Diego Araujo
Producer: Hanne-Lovise Skartveit, Wendy Muñiz, Guillermo Zouain